Reimagine Creativity.
What needs to happen next?

What if we look at 2020 as a blank canvas? Reimagining the future needs to involve us all and we’re here to build a Creative Coalition that puts people’s voices at the heart of the conversation.

Now is the time to tell us what you think should happen next. What does creativity look like in the future and what role does it play in our lives; what are the things that the UK creative industries should hold on to and what could we radically change, for now and for future generations?

Need more uncomfortable conversations about class and lack of working classes in the sector. Only 16% from working class backgrounds!!
Local support for freelancer creatives in the prosperous < for most but not all > areas where creatives are disadvantaged. Appreciation of Other languages. Challenging of Cultural Stereotypes.
 Creativity has the power to create change in difficult times. If it is valued and supported.
Creativity should never be underestimated... it's an immovable force.
Artists and Arts organisations need to be funded properly.
Better education on the creative industries at grassroots level
making the creative industries as accessible as possible on all levels to all backgrounds
Nobody wants to address nepotism in the arts that is killing creativity for working class creatives, whose daddies and mummies aren't in the industry. Too many jobs go to those that are connected.
Intentional and inspirational role modelling in the promotion of arts in schools as an equally valuable subject
"You don't need to be artistic to be creative, nor be creative to generate new and exciting ideas"
The Pandemic should be giving us the opportunity to reflect and renew and plan for a new different future. I fear we are treading water with rescue funds.
Every creative idea to be given the chance to flourish
Be the change you want to see. Actions speaker FAR louder than words.
Creativity is in all of us, we need to make it accessible
COVID-19 has highlighted the discrepancy for protection needed in the creative industries for those that are freelancers and those on fixed-term or employee contracts. Discuss.
Take production to where it's most productive.
Creativity needs to be valued in schools and in the curriculum.
Still appalled at the way two of London's biggest cultural institutions threw out their staff during the pandemic so the people at the top of the organisation could retain their six-figure salaries.
Invest in new ideas and raise up new voices - we should always be looking forwards
An understanding that those with many years in the industry have as much to offer as those just starting out. New and fresh ideas can come from both ends of the spectrum :)
'diversity' is a dry word now. ACTION is needed. LISTENING to those outiside your power circle. Us 'minorities' telling OUR OWN stories. EDUCATING OURSELVES and SHARING our information and resources
Recognising that the greatest and most impactful creativity is found in diversity
Creativity needs to be acknowledged, at the highest levels of governance with the power to impact change, as vital to the wellness of humans and other species to whom we have a duty of care.
We need to make space for others.
Fully inclusive and broadly diverse!
"Some paintings are as expensive as a house. That's nice, but they are not a house." Gerhard Richter True the price of artwork should come down so everyone can buy if they want to.
Things are going to be different. Here's a chance to make them 'good' different.
create an industry where young people can see themselves represented and feel welcome.
believe in, create, support 'uncommon partnerships'. bringing together people and things from sectors that do not normally bind is key to cultural innovation and a more equally spread prosperity.
CREATIVITY is the Heart of a Nation. The identity of a Continent. The spring of Humankind´Evolution. Global individual evolution so let´s evolve creatively together.
It's time to recognise the existing issues with inequity and lack of diversity. More creatives' voices need to be heard.
It is fundamental that the arts sector focus on independent artists and art workers. Influencing Arts Council England to address Project Grants, make the funding accessible as Scotland have enabled.
Listen to ideas from those outside your existing circle. New perspectives can help us adapt to overcome the challenges we face in difficult times.
We must amplify and listen to underrepresented voices so everyone can feel seen and included.
Diversity and Inclusion addressed in the creative industries from grassroots level and education, so it never becomes a tickbox or matter of statistics
Thinking beyond economic growth, to the real value of creativity in contributing to a better society.
All creative sectors to come together with one voice
Creativity is for everyone, we need to make it accessible
We need to use events like this as opportunities to harness and elevate unheard, underrepresented voices across the creative industries.
Imagine - art and artists becoming THE reason to go to your local High Street. Filling empty shops with theatre, music, dance, painting, sculpture...
Creativity no longer should be stupidified to be made more accessible to a wider audience, instead we should be finding ways to make the audience want to become more cultured
A creative life is viable and gainful for the individual and for society. All of society. It should be valued.
Adequate support for freelancers to create a more sustainable sector overall
equality in every sense of the word across all the creative industries and seniorities
Place, characteristics and local communities matter for collective understanding and creative growth. Let's support difference.
Bigger investment in creative propositions that takes the UK forward in terms of economic growth and social impact, plus UK-wide grass roots investment - especially in Gen Z.
 Huge worldwide Tech companies (Apple!) would not be so successful without the creative people from the UK. We must develop and support creative education to allow the whole UK economy to flourish.
More financial support and investment provided like our European counterparts - taken fully seriously and invested in as one of the most important parts of British Society
Creativity allows us to discover the many ways in which all of life is one in all diversity and no matter where any one of us has come from.
Garden of Ideas A new pleasure garden. A platform for the most creative, innovative and entertaining. The next generation's way to engage with culture and have fun, with social intercourse.
Break down the barriers to entry of the creative industries.
Network more than ever.