Creative Coalition Virtual Festival | November 9-11


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9th - 11th November 2020

There has never been a more important time to bring the creative industries together to do what we do best, to innovate and redefine our future.

This unique 3-day event brings together the UK’s finest creators, makers, leaders and innovators, at a time when we need it most, to reimagine, redefine and reignite our creative industries. Showcasing home-grown, world-class talent, Creative Coalition 2020 will be a blend of inspiring talks and panels, live performances, practical workshops and networking events - all streamed from venues across the country, directly to our audience at home.

With over 60 sessions across 6 stages and virtual spaces, you’ll hear from those forging ahead and shaping our futures, as well as those who built the foundations, with opportunities to meet and collaborate with people across the country. Creative Coalition 2020 offers the opportunity for real cross-sector networking using virtual venue software Hopin, with multiple interactive areas that are optimised for connecting and enabling people to meet each other.

This is a celebration of our achievements as an industry, and a place to discuss how we can shape our collective creative future, brought to you by Creative England and the Creative Industries Federation.



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Why Now?

Right now is the time that we need these conversations to happen.

Our industry has evolved, momentum is gathering and we are ready to move even further forward. Now is the time to collaborate and share ideas, develop innovative ways to navigate our new landscape and invest in our country’s future by investing in creative thinkers.

Why Attend?

The Creative Coalition Festival will be an experience like no other.

Bringing together Creative England and Creative Industries Federation’s extensive networks, we will be providing inspiration from some of the brightest thinkers and innovators from across our industry. With 3 days of sector-leading content, there’s something for everyone. We’ll be hosting keynote speakers, live performances, industry roundtables, and insightful panel conversations. You’ll hear from those forging ahead and shaping our futures, and those who built the foundations, with opportunities to meet and collaborate with people across the whole breadth of the creative sectors.

We promise to bring you the most impressive creative festival line-up of the year.

Why Are We Different?

Creative Coalition 2020 will be the biggest event of year bringing all of the creative sectors together in one place - across fashion, film, design, architecture, music, art, tech, games and all that's in between. Held collaboratively by Creative England and Creative Industries Federation and taking advantage of our new virtual world, we are bringing together speakers from across the whole of the UK and across the breadth of the creative industries. We are reaching further than we have before and incubating brand new, cross-sector relationships, we’re providing a stage where ideas can evolve and the future of our industry can be shaped.

Who Is It For?

Our festival is for everyone who is working in creative roles, supporting those who do, or who have an interest in the future of our economy and how the creative industries can impact our recovery.

We are a not-for-profit organisation that supports the growth of the creative industries with everything from policy and advocacy, to business support, to direct investment. Our festival is built with this in mind, our network spans right across the UK and includes individuals working in a huge variety of roles, from sole-traders working in traditional arts & crafts, local authority bodies and educational institutions, to FTSE 100 companies. Regardless of their size, all of our members and collaborators have the success of our industry at their core.

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